b'2010Regionalizationprojects take shapeRegional collaborationor regionalization the regionalization project possible. Today,helps small rural water and/or wastewaterthe Authority serves residents in 14 colonia systems maintain compliance, improve agingcommunities. infrastructure and become financially sustain- In California, RCAC advocated for Gov. Jerry able over time. Browns water system consolidation budget In 2010, RCAC completed its first region-trailer bill. It was signed into law in June 2015 alization project in southern New Mexico,and gives the state tools to help hundreds of where five water systems would eventuallyCalifornia communities to access safe drinking regionalize to form the Lower Rio Grande water. In total, RCAC has facilitated more than Public Water Works Authority. Six more water70 regionalization projects in New Mexico, Cali-systems eventually joined. RCAC staff had afornia and other western states.critical role in passing legislation that made'