b'2014#Agua4All: Water in SchoolsIn 2014, RCAC launched an expansive program,and various buildings and parks. Today, more #Agua4All, to address limited access to safethan 400 units are installed throughout rural drinking water in rural California schools. InCalifornia, and data illustrates that children are partnership with The California Endowment, itdrinking more water. By early 2018, the program piloted Agua4All at schools in Eastern Coachellahad expanded to Tribal lands, and RCAC had Valley and South Kern County, to install waterbecome a technical assistance provider for bottle filling stations in schools and communityCalifornias Drinking Water for Schools grant centers, with water treatment where necessary. program. Funding for the program was includ-In its first year, Agua4All installed 200 watered in the state budget in 2016 and 2018, due in bottle filling stations across rural California,large part to the efforts of an RCAC led drinking and 94 point-of-use arsenic filters in schoolswater advocates coalition. 2017CommunityRCAC was awarded $30 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Community Facilities Relending Program, part of an innovative Facilities new public/private partnership, Uplift America, created to provide target-ed financial assistance to persistent poverty areas.RCAC received one of the largest awards and makes the funds available Relendingthrough its Loan Fund to local organizations to finance community facili-ties in the rural West.ProgramRCAC 2019 Annual Report|11'