b'1991Tribal Circuit Rider program is initiatedThe Tribal Circuit Rider program is the oldest and largest Tribal-specific program of its kind. The program provides ongoing, dedicated assis-tance to Arizona and California Tribes to help them provide safe water to comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act. RCAC hired its first Tribal Circuit Rider in 1992. The circuit rider visited Tribal water systems throughoutCalifornia and provided training and technical assistance to water oper-ators and system managers. Based on the circuit rider programs success, RCAC received a three-year grant from the Ford Foundation to increase Tribal capacity to manage environmental infrastructure. By 1998, theprogram grew to include a nine-member staff, working with more than 100 Tribes. As the program enters its 28th year, staff will begin providing services in Nevada. RCAC 2019 Annual Report|5'