b'2018 RCAC hits a historic milestone with $100 million in assets and 138 staff as of Sept. 30, 2018. Steady growthCONDENSED BALANCE SHEETSThe following is a summary of informa- as of September 30,20182017tion contained in RCACs annual financialA S S E T Sstatements for fiscal years 2018 and 2017.cash and investments$ 28,164,892$$24,417,783 Complete financial statements with thegrants, contracts & other receivables4,961,046 5,703,153 associated independent auditors reportloans receivable, net64,708,98260,397,020 fixed assets2,455,7252,529,268 are available at www.rcac.org. other assets3,017,0633,035,647 total assets$ 103,307,708 $96,082,871 EXPENSES BY PROGRAM L I A B I L I T I E S&N E T A S S E T Saccounts payable & accrued liabilities$ 3,952,651 $3,032,838 notes and bonds payable56,758,04656,066,654net assets42,597,01136,983,379 1% 15% 15% total liabilities and net assets$ 103,307,708$96,082,871 1%6%2018 20% CONDENSED STATEMENTS OF ACTIVITYfor the Years Ending September 30, 20182017R E V E N U E42% grants and contracts$19,703,000$15,001,979 loan fees and interest4,053,6663,504,501 investment income463,341269,909 other138,399253,892 total revenue$ 24,358,406$19,030,281 19% 14% E X P E N S E S1% loan fund$ 2,755,921$2,406,382 2% housing3,679,0913,208,403 5% 17% community & environmental7,967,2166,848,461 2017 other programs1,128,583648,139 fundraising236,999248,448 rental operations151,584161,668 management and general2,825,3803,091,352 42% total expenses$18,744,774$16,612,853 increase in net assets$ 5,613,632 $2,417,428 consisting of:Community & EnvironmentalRental Operations change in unrestricted net assets$ 931,496 $1,260,377HousingFundraising change in temporarily restricted net assets4,682,136 1,157,051 Loan FundOther Programs $ 5,613,632 $2,417,428Management & General12|RCAC 2019 Annual Report'