b'1998RCAC creates theAgricultural WorkerHealth and HousingProgramRCACs third decade commenced with a multi-long-term health improvement strategies and million dollar program related investment fromservices with safe and affordable housing. The The California Endowment (TCE). The focus wasprogram supported 46 projects in communities on rural health care and supported RCAC tothroughout rural California and much more: 18 create the Agricultural Worker Health and Hous- low-interest capital loans, 20 health improve-ing Program (AWHHP). With data increasinglyment grants and more than 23 capacity and showing the link between stable housing andpartnership building grants. long-term health, the idea and goal was to tie 2004National conference inRCAC held a national conference in Portland, Oregon this year. One of the conferences key outcomes was forming the OTTER (Outstanding Portland, ORTrainers Training Every RCACer) team, which en-gages adults in participant-centered learning. 6|RCAC 2019 Annual Report'