A new article from NBC News explores how consumer spending has changed since March with the COVID-19 onset. Of note is new data from realtor.com showing prospective homeowners are more inclined to leave cities and urban areas for rural ones.

The realtor.com figures, which compared this June to June of 2019, found that homes in rural and suburban zip codes were viewed more on average than others. Homes in urban zip codes had a 19 percent increase in views compared to last year. But homes in suburban zip codes had a much larger 30 percent increase, and in rural zip codes the views increased by 34 percent.

The article also highlighted that Americans are changing their shopping behaviors, including a 21 percent drop in credit card spending and a new focus on saving money and buying inexpensive alternatives to brand name products.

Read the full article from NBC News here: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/meet-the-press/rural-real-estate-prices-rise-people-consider-leaving-cities-n1234309