Re-Emerging Loan Fund (RELieF)

Judith TheatreTo address our small business clients’ needs, we established the Re-Emerging Loan Fund (RELieF) to assist them as they re-emerge into their marketplaces post COVID-19. RCAC’s small business lending and the technical assistance our team provides are key components of the grant-funded RELieF.

One of the RELieF Fund’s unique elements is the access to business coaching technical assistance. Each potential borrower will be asked to complete an initial application and provide financial information.

They will then be assigned a coach to work with them to analyze their current financial position and work through scenarios for the highest and best structure for RELieF funding, tailored to their specific situation. This information will be provided to the RCAC loan officer as part of the RELieF application.

Repayments will be structured to accelerate recovery. Recovered funds will be committed to future disaster
response efforts or hardship business cases in our service area.


Download RELieF Flyer for loan teams and contacts