Community facility loans

RCAC’s Community Facilities Loan Program helps develop and improve essential community facilities in the rural West. This program offers short-term loans for early property acquisition and predevelopment, interim construction costs and long-term permanent financing. Applicable facilities include public and nonprofit office buildings, treatment centers, emergency and transitional housing, assisted living, human services, pub­lic safety, child care, education and cultural facilities. Many other project types are eligible. RCAC gives priority to loan applications for projects that incorporate significant green methods and materials. Please see the community facilities loan application requirements below for more information.

Community Facility Loan Application & Checklist

Please send the complete application with original signature (blue ink is always helpful) to the loan officer serving your state. If you have questions, please contact the loan officer.

If the community facility project includes green-build methods and materials, it may qualify for priority in loan application processing. If applicable, please complete and sign the Green Lending Qualification Checklist – Housing and Community Facilities and submit it with the loan application.

All of the documents numbered 1 – 18 are required as part of the loan application. Also required are as many of the documents numbered 19 – 31 that are available. (This page may be printed and used as a hard copy checklist.)

    1. Loan application form (Please complete in detail and sign.)
    2. Loan Application Addendum – Summary Narrative (Please attach a narrative description of the project as per the suggested outline.)
    3. Instructions for Resolution to Borrow and Resolution to Borrow (RCAC form or equivalent)
    4. Assurances Statement for nonprofit corporation applicants (RCAC form)
    5. Attorney’s Opinion Letter for Public Body and Tribal Applicants (criteria)
    6. RCAC Environmental Questionaire – RCAC form or copy of Phase I Environmental Report
    7. Organizational chart
    8. Resumes of executive director and key staff
    9. Board of Directors list including: name, address, phone numbers and experience that member brings to the Board
    10. Development team members and experience
    11. Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws (including any amendments)
    12. Federal tax exempt letter
    13. Last two years financial statements (audited if available)
    14. Current interim financial statement
    15. Agency wide budget for current operating year
    16. Proposed Sources and Use of Project Funds (RCAC form or equivalent)
    17. Proposed operating budget and source of repayment
    18. Rate structure (if applicable)

Please provide the items below that are available. Documents that are unavailable will have to be provided at a later date if applicable to the particular loan under consideration.

    1. Feasibility study (Generally required for new or substantially expanded facilities.)
    2. Purchase and sales agreement with addendum
    3. Preliminary title report
    4. Soils report
    5. Appraisal
    6. Location map
    7. Site plan
    8. Plans and specifications
    9. Itemized cost breakdown
    10. Business plan
    11. Survey
    12. Phase I environmental report
    13. Commitments from other funding sources, if applicable

If you would like to talk to an RCAC loan fund staff member about these or other lending needs, please call  1-855-979-7322.

Community Facility Loan Program Brochure (PDF)

Community Facilities Relending Loan Program

RCAC has $30 million available to make low interest rate/long term loans to nonprofit organizations, public bodies and federally recognized Tribes to provide essential community facilities. For more information download the program brochure.

Community Facilities Relending Loan Program Brochure (PDF)


Download the USDA Rural Development guide to provide Community Facilities Re-lenders guidance and clarification to CFR 1942 Subpart A, Section 1942.30 Re-lending.

Community Facilities Post-Closing Guide for Re-Lenders (PDF)