Hands of every color from diverse backgrounds represent diversity and inclusion at RCAC.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at RCAC

Just – Because it is easier to live with the status quo, even when it is unjust or unfair to others … let us strive for disturbance.

Just – Because we often resist ideas that challenge our assumptions … let us strive for openness and the freedom to consider new knowledge and perspectives.

Just – Because social, economic, and political systems are so overwhelmingly complex … let us strive for understanding.

Just – Because we can feel paralyzed when faced with difficult and complex problems … let us strive for courage.

Just – Because we can be wrong about what needs to change and how to change it … let us strive for humility.

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RCAC fosters an inclusive, collaborative workplace environment where our colleagues and partners are valued and treated with respect so that the organization and people we serve can excel.

RCAC is committed to building and maintaining a culture of openness and inclusivity. RCAC invites and recognizes diversity of thinking, backgrounds, experiences and culture, and embraces differences and similarities that may be internal (what we are born with), external (how and where we were raised and educated), or situational (vocational, lifestyle or circumstances). They include, but are not limited to race, religion, color, gender, age, national origin, ethnicity, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity, marital status and in addition, geographic location, economic status, political affiliation, language, educational background, appearance, or any other aspect that makes each of us unique and yet universally human.

Diversity: Diversity is all the ways we are different from one another including in thinking, background, experience, and culture.

Equity: RCAC recognizes that individuals have unique talents and needs and RCAC is committed to identify, provide and support opportunities for individuals to grow, thrive and advance to meet their goals within the organization.

Inclusion: Inclusion embraces the diverse aspects that make each of us unique yet universally human, and ensures that everyone has a voice and opportunity to contribute to the well-being of the organization.

We practice collaboration in our community work and our workplace, to ensure that everyone has a voice and is included in decision making.

Our commitment goes beyond numbers, projects or programs, as we strive to:

Increase staff and board diversity across all functions to ensure that our staff and board members are reflective of the communities we serve. We seek to attract and retain diverse interns, employees and board members and to ensure that the culture of openness and inclusivity spans the entire employment experience: recruitment, development, advancement, recognition and retention.

Raise our staff and board’s competence through training and heartfelt conversations focused on building awareness and sensitivity and improving cultural competencies.

Serve diverse communities with the highest level of respect for cultural values and the realities that each community environment presents, recognizing that RCAC, together with its partners, often works with Indigenous communities and predominantly minority communities in the rural West and Pacific Islands.

Integrate our commitment into our business operations by reaching out to diverse contractors and sub-recipients and encouraging their participation in RCAC procurement and sub-award activities, which provides additional opportunities for diversity in our work and provides opportunity for small, minority, veteran and women owned organizations to serve their communities.