Strategic Framework


Strategic Directions

  • Core Competencies: Ensure rural communities have culturally-appropriate access to resources by prioritizing community-identified needs and advocating on behalf of these communities with public and private-sector partners.
  • Increased Investment: Strengthen the economies of rural communities through increased capital investment that supports small businesses and community development.
  • Indigenous Communities: Collaborate with grassroots and Indigenous-led organizations that provide infrastructure, housing, lending and other essential services in Indigenous communities.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Grow inclusive practices by improving organizational awareness, positioning, and approaches, which embrace Indigenous knowledge and are mindful of historical contexts, to better serve internal stakeholders and external partners and communities.
  • Capacity Building and Innovation: Strengthen RCAC’s operations by exploring innovative strategies, improving internal infrastructure, and promoting staff development so that RCAC can continue to build the capacity of organizations.
  • Outcome Measurement: Transition RCAC measurement to an outcome-based model that effectively articulates the narrative of our work, increases learning opportunities to refine our programmatic approach and expands the metrics we can share with diverse funding sources.
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