Change advocates

Rural advocacy

The RCAC Board of Directors added “advocacy” to our mission statement as one of the services we provide to help make rural communities vibrant, healthy and enduring.  RCAC’s rural advocacy efforts have historically concentrated on federal community development resources for rural areas. Our added focus on rural advocacy will target state governments.

It is clear to our Board and our staff that federal resources alone will not meet the infrastructure needs of the rural communities in the 13 western states RCAC serves. RCAC understands the prospects and unique challenges that rural residents and their communities face; and it is this understanding and experience that makes us particularly well-suited to advocate for resources, regulatory changes and new legislation that will improve the quality of life in rural communities.

Our advocacy efforts will focus on four core issues:

  • The Human Right to Water: Access to safe public drinking water in every community.
  • Regionalization: Promote policies that support collaborations between rural utilities to become more financially sustainable.
  • Indian Housing: Increase Tribal access to state administered housing programs.
  • State Housing Funding:  Promote state housing trust funds and secure a fair share of resources for rural housing development.

Check our take action page for ways to support rural communities.