conventional septic system

Idaho State Revolving Fund – Household Septic System Program

Low interest rate loans/grants available to refurbish or replace individual septic systems!

Program Requirements

  • Residence must be in a rural area, town or community in the state of Idaho with a population not exceeding 50,000.
  • Applicants must own and occupy the home served by the septic system to be renovated or replaced.
  • New home construction and systems serving other than the homeowner occupied dwelling are not eligible.
  • Households with annual income not exceeding $72,785 are income eligible for loan assistance.
  • Households with annual income not exceeding $36,392 are income eligible for grant assistance.
  • System renovation or replacement must require a permit and the work must be performed by a licensed contractor.
  • The homeowner’s property will be encumbered by a Deed of Trust for loans and a Grant Lien Agreement for grants.
  • Maximum amount of assistance – $15,000.
  • Associated loan costs estimated not to exceed $600, e.g., credit report, recording and RCAC loan fee are applicant expenses and can normally be included in the loan or grant.

Grant Terms

10 year compliance period with 10% annual forgiveness, repayment required in full if property is sold, transferred or if the homeowner vacates the property within first 5 years from project completion.

Loan Terms

  • Interest rate – 1%
  • Maturity may not exceed 20 years
  • Repayment required if homeowner vacates home
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To speak to a loan officer in your area please call 1-855-979-7322.

This loan/grant program is supported by a grant from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

*Illustration courtesy of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.