Success Stories

Success stories are a compilation of staff written success stories and case studies that highlight our impact in rural communities.

  • RCAC brings rate setting expertise to Gooding, Idaho

    Like many rural American towns, Gooding Idaho walks a fine line when managing its water and wastewater systems. Gooding’s systems have many of the same needs as a larger city, less the greater number of connections that help spread the costs.

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  • RCAC celebrates safe drinking water program accomplishments

    Rural Community Assistance Corporation’s (RCAC) Agua4All program staff recently celebrated a major milestone: the first school project under the California State Water Resource Control Board’s Drinking Water for Schools (DWFS) grant. RCAC provided technical assistance to the Round Valley Unified School District in Covelo, California. The DWFS grant is itself a product of RCAC and partners’ advocacy work.

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  • Tips for managing a mobile-home park utility

    Managing a water and/or wastewater system is an often overlooked and overwhelming aspect of mobile-home park ownership. If you just purchased a mobile-home park, there’s a strong chance you also just became the park’s de facto water and/or wastewater systems operations manager.

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  • Self-help housing where it’s least expected

    Prior to working as a general contractor on Bainbridge Island since 1986, Ted Francis worked in construction for 22 years in Alaska. He knows his way around a jobsite. So, how did Ted find himself building a home with the self-help housing program all these years later, now in his 70s?

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  • A week in the lives of Hawaii circuit riders

    Circuit rider programs are unique in RCAC’s world. Unlike project based technical assistance programs, the circuit rider program employs a team of locally based circuit riders that travel from community to community to target work one-on-one with local utility operators.

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