Success Stories

Success stories are a compilation of staff written success stories and case studies that highlight our impact in rural communities.

  • Second Tribal Housing Excellence Academy cohort graduates

    Not long ago, the Hualapai Tribe in northwest Arizona was faced with a waiting list of 84 families that needed homes. The list had been in the making for five years and due to a reduction in Indian Housing Block Grant funds, housing development on the Hualapai Reservation had stalled. But in November 2017, the Hualapai Tribe broke ground on three model homes to be built in the Box Canyon subdivision.

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  • Four years since its launch, Agua4All program expands to schools and Tribes across California

    More than one million Californians lack access to safe drinking water, a startling statistic in a state with the fifth largest economy in the world. For these Californians—of which one in three is Hispanic and nearly half are adults diagnosed as pre-diabetic—the only alternatives to unsafe water are expensive bottled water or sugary drinks.

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  • Housing counseling training supports counselors, first-time homebuyers

    In 2006, just as the nation’s housing market was overheating and would eventually implode, Melissa Looney watched how prospective homeowners learned about mortgages. A decade prior she had started her housing career working as a mortgage technician. Something about the home buying process, she recalls, wasn’t right.

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  • Tribal circuit riders build water and wastewater capacity

    On a sunny fall day, Santos Obedoza approaches a fire hydrant on the Upper Lake Rancheria here in northern California. With wrench in hand, he gingerly begins turning the hydrant’s lock and valve to open and flush them. In minutes, the water gushes across the road. It’s a hard job, clearly, but someone has to do it. Alongside Obedoza stands Lee Schegg, RCAC rural development specialist and Tribal circuit rider.

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  • BRE helps Hatch launch farmers, artisans market

    Hatch, New Mexico – While driving across southern New Mexico, you could easily believe you were traversing the moon. Despite Interstate 25 that bisects the state from north to south, the desert landscape appears mostly untouched and unpeopled. Some gas stations still maintain pumps with antiquated rotating meters. For long stretches, other cars are few and far between.

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