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Network News June 2020

In a time of crisis, new partnerships emerge to provide payroll relief—As of late June, $8.1 million in loans were distributed to 76 borrowers like United Cerebral Palsy, and CDFIs like Communities Unlimited that also operate in rural America. RCAC estimates that these loans have saved more than 1,295 jobs.

Network News May 2020

On the Zuni Tribe Reservation in New Mexico, a construction project that was years in the making is near completion. A Zuni family will own and operate Major Market, a local marketplace. About 85 percent complete, the market will open in June “no matter what” according to the owner, Darrell Tsabetsaye.

Network News April 2020

With the nation’s attention largely fixed on how the COVID-19 pandemic affects urban areas, rural America is bracing for its own case wave. Many rural healthcare facilities’ perilous state was already a national story before the current health crisis onset. As COVID-19 began making its way into rural communities, real concerns took shape ….

Network News March 2020

Like many rural American towns, Gooding Idaho walks a fine line when managing its water and wastewater systems. Gooding’s systems have many of the same needs as a larger city, less the greater number of connections that help spread the costs.

Network News February 2020

Rural Community Assistance Corporation’s (RCAC) Agua4All program staff recently celebrated a major milestone: the first school project under the California State Water Resource Control Board’s Drinking Water for Schools (DWFS) grant.