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Based on “Network News”.

Network News August 2015

Driving on a weekday morning through this remote enclave of mobile homes, bodegas, squat adobe health clinics and Pentecostal chapels, one wonders: “Where are all the people?”

Network News July 2015

In the late 1960s, local leaders in the Napa Valley looked to the future and saw it was green. Or, at least, they were determined that it would stay that way.

Network News June 2015

On the windy plains of the Crow Reservation in southern Montana, young men scramble across scaffolding amid massive fans and turbines, measuring door widths and sweeping the cement floors across this dusty construction site.

Network News May 2015

Despite California’s deepening drought, farmers throughout the state are growing a bumper crop of almonds.

Network News April 2015

When Sarah Deer was a college student in Lawrence, Kansas, in the early 1990s, she volunteered at a crisis hotline for battered women where she heard both stories of despair and resilience.