Programs & Services


RCAC’s Loan Fund is a financial resource for rural communities.

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  • Loan Fund Programs At-A-Glance

    This chart lists RCAC’s array of loan fund products, terms and loan fund officer contacts in your area.

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  • Biomass Utilization Fund

    Loans to small businesses, nonprofits and public entities including federally recognized Tribes located or locating in Tuolumne County that will provide an alternative to pile burning of forest waste.

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  • Affordable Housing Loans

    Finance construction and rehabilitation of single- and multifamily housing for low-income families.

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  • Environmental Infrastructure Loans

    Financing to construct, improve or expand the supply of safe drinking water and waste disposal systems in the rural West.

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  • Community Facility Loans

    Financing to construct or improve essential community facilities in the rural West.

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  • Small Business Loans

    Financing for businesses to create or retain jobs.

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  • Household Water Well Loan/Grant Programs

    Low interest rate loans and grants to construct, refurbish or replace individual household and small (serving less than 15 connections) water well systems.

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  • Idaho SRF – Household Septic System Program

    Low interest rate loans/grants available to refurbish or replace individual septic systems.

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RCAC works with rural water, wastewater and solid waste systems to make them sustainable. Our environmental services are directed to small, low-income rural and Indigenous communities to ensure that they comply with state and federal regulations.

RCAC is a Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) member.

  • Water, Wastewater & Solid Waste

    On-site support to rural water and wastewater staff and boards to build, improve, finance, operate and manage systems, and solid waste management technical assistance and training.

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  • Water & Wastewater Training

    Provides a comprehensive array of training for rural water and wastewater staff and boards.

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  • Environmental Finance Center

    Models, tools and resources to help small rural communities and Tribes move forward with innovative solutions to infrastructure needs.

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  • Agua4All

    Brings safe drinking water to schools and public places in communities throughout rural California.

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  • Regionalization

    Facilitates a process to bring multiple small systems together to become more sustainable.

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  • Individual Well Program

    Provides free comprehensive well assessments and educational resources for private well owners, not regulated by SDWA.

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RCAC’s housing programs support organizations that develop affordable single- and multifamily homes and operate programs that prepare rural residents for homeownership.

  • Housing Development

    Supports nonprofit organizations to develop affordable housing and community facilities in the rural West.

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  • Mutual Self-Help Housing

    Provides technical and managerial support to nonprofit organizations that operate USDA Rural Development Mutual Self-Help Housing program.

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  • 502 Direct Packaging Program

    Provides quality assurance reviews of packaged loan applications for USDA Rural Development’s Section 502 Single Family Housing Direct Loan Program.

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  • Housing Counseling

    Provides technical assistance, training, and financial support to a network of housing counseling agencies serving rural communities.

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  • Other Housing Options

    Provides a variety of technical and managerial support to rural nonprofit housing organizations and public housing authorities.

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Indigenous Communities

All RCAC services are available to and have a priority to work with Tribes and Indigenous communities. In addition, there are three programs designed specifically for Tribes.

  • Tribal Circuit Riders

    Work with water operators and administrators to ensure the delivery of safe drinking water for Indigenous communities.

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    Brings utility staff from multiple Tribes together for training opportunities and to build a professional network.

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  • THE Academy

    Is an intensive housing training program for organizations working in Tribal communities to improve and expand the housing supply and the skills of Tribal housing professionals.

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  • Community Development Loans

    Low interest, long- and short-term loans available for Tribes, Tribal communities and individual Native Americans in Arizona and New Mexico for small business, housing and community facility projects.

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Community Economic Development

RCAC’s comprehensive community economic development services support rural communities to create a vision, set goals and implement an action plan for community development projects.

  • Building Rural Economies

    Trains and builds community support for local entrepreneurial development based on local resources and value chains.

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  • WealthWorks West

    Local and regional economic development that brings together and connects community assets to meet market demands in ways that build capacities and livelihoods that are sustainable over time.

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  • Leadership Development

    Strengthens local leadership, and grows new leaders to catalyze rural community development initiatives.

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  • Economic Development

    Provides technical and financial resources to rural businesses and start-ups.

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