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WeathWorks is an approach to local and regional economic development that brings together and connects community assets to meet market demands in ways that build capacities and livelihoods that are sustainable over time. WealthWorks aims to advance a region’s economic prosperity and self-reliance, strengthening existing and emerging sectors to increase individual and community wealth.

It works for people, businesses and organizations and in communities of all sizes, shapes and success levels.

The mechanisms for reaching these ends are wealth creating value chains that build deep collaboration between links and relationships along the chain. Value chain links include public sector entities, nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs, colleges, universities, consumer groups and individuals.

WealthWorks regional hubs have developed value chains such as: agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, labor, downtown revitalization and the energy sector, to create economic opportunity nationally..

Regional hubs provide training and technical assistance for practitioners and communities to connect and learn with organizations implementing WealthWorks on the ground.  Regional hubs support work at the local, state and regional level.

Organizations across the United States are forming a national regional hubs network committed to sharing their on-the-ground experience with the WealthWorks approach and principles.

The WealthWorks national regional hubs network functions as a learning community, committed to learning from each other. Regional hubs can help in the following ways:

  • Organize and deliver regional training
  • Enhance peer-to-peer learning and sharing within a region and between states
  • Promote networking across state boundaries
  • Allow for sharing of stories, challenges, opportunities and best practices
  • Provide support for local coordinators
  • Leverage resources

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For more information about how you can learn about, be trained in, or implement WealthWorks, please contact RCAC’s main office at (916) 447-2854 and request Carol Cohen.