Economic Development

Economic opportunities in rural communities are limited by lack of infrastructure, distance from markets and isolation from financial centers. With limited population, revenue base and technical expertise, these competitive disadvantages result in low wages and higher rates of poverty among working families.

RCAC helps communities develop long-term visions for self-determination and self-sufficiency —finding the resources necessary to move toward that vision. RCAC’s innovative approach encourages business ventures and jobs created by local entrepreneurs and community-based organizations, which are less likely to leave the community.

RCAC’s certified economic development staff can help your community:

  • Connect with local economic development assistance providers
  • Identify valuable community assets and plan for their beneficial use or preservation
  • Create a community economic development plan
  • Use data to assess your local economy and evaluate potential projects
  • Evaluate the financial feasibility of proposed commercial development projects
  • Develop initiatives to help local businesses become successful
  • Access economic development resources
  • Coordinate programs and services for local community economic development
  • Evaluate use of powerful economic development tools, such as:
    • Nonprofit enterprise development
    • Business incubators or microenterprise development programs
    • Business district revitalization
    • Industry cluster development

For more information, please contact RCAC’s main office at (916) 447-2854 and request Carol Cohen, assistant director – economic development, or complete our Request for Assistance.