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The Carolyn E. Wylie Center in Riverside is a non-profit organization committed to providing diverse supportive services to individuals and families across Southern California’s Inland Empire. Among its offerings, it specializes in housing counseling services, which include educating clients on foreclosure prevention, financial management and rights related to housing.

The Wells Fargo Keeping People Housed initiative provides grant funding to the Wylie Center through Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC), a national housing counseling intermediary. This funding has enabled the Wylie Center to expand its capacity to help clients like George Campos.

Southern California’s Inland Empire

After enjoying over a decade of stable employment, George’s company abruptly laid him off. His efforts to find a new job with livable wages and decent benefits yielded no results, causing his financial situation to deteriorate. “Once my severance and unemployment ended, I had to draw on my 401k, retirement, and other savings,” he explained. “When those ran out and I still didn’t have a job, I dipped into credit cards.”

Unemployed and unable to leverage his home’s equity due to banking restrictions, George hoped to refinance and stabilize his finances upon finding new work. However, extended joblessness led to missed mortgage and credit payments. Even when he eventually found work, his past due bills made him ineligible for refinancing. Foreclosure loomed as his mortgage company’s initial cooperation wavered. George grew anxious that he would soon lose his home, which he had lovingly refurbished over the years and held close to his heart. That’s when the Wylie Center stepped in to provide crucial support.

Using Wells Fargo Keeping People Housed grant resources, the Wylie Center provided George with a tailored plan to address his financial crisis. Case Manager Priscilla Leal evaluated his situation, assisted him in budgeting, and guided him through financial management processes. She also acted as a mediator in discussions with his mortgage company. “I might have been stressed out of my mind, but I knew Priscilla and her team were there with me throughout the process,” George said.

The Wylie Center’s support enabled George to secure a satisfactory deal with his mortgage company. “We succeeded beautifully; I still have my home and a budget I can work with moving forward,” he said. “I’m so grateful for Wylie Center’s help getting out of this nightmare and into a very hopeful future in my beloved home!”