GSA Schedule Contract

RCAC is a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) environmental consulting and training services contract holder (Contract #GS-10F-0255X). The GSA Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) were created to provide a fast, cost-effective way for federal agencies to hire contractors. Agencies compare and select from the GSA list of pre-qualified contractors, whose pricing has already been found to be fair and reasonable. You can be assured that your procurements, under this schedule, will meet the best value criteria for Government acquisitions, complying fully with all applicable regulations. To see RCAC’s GSA Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List click here >>

Who can use GSA contracts?

  • All federal agencies including the executive, legislative, judicial branches; the District of Columbia and Indian Tribes
  • Government contractors authorized in writing by a federal agency pursuant to CFR 51.1
  • Mixed-ownership government corporations such as the U.S. Postal Service

How to hire:

Standard Operating Procedures:

  1. Orders at or below the micro-purchase threshold ($3,000) – Place the order directly with any GSA Schedule contractor that can meet the ordering activity’s needs.
  1. Orders that exceed the micro-purchase threshold but not the simplified acquisition threshold ($150,000) – Prepare a Scope of Work (SOW) or PWS in accordance with FAR 8.405-2(b). Send the RFQ (including the SOW and evaluation criteria) to at least three GSA Schedule contractors.
  1. Orders that exceed the simplified acquisition threshold– Prepare the RFQ (including the SOW and evaluation criteria) and post on e-Buy to afford all Schedule contractors the opportunity to respond, or provide the RFQ to as many Schedule contractors as practicable, consistent with market research, to reasonably ensure that quotes are received from at least three contractors.

Alternative Procedures:

Request a quote or select a GSA pre-qualified contractor by:

  1. Conducting internal desk audits of three GSA pre-qualified contractors, and
  2. Soliciting services via the GSA IT Solutions Vendor Center (Electronically) buy using e-buy,
  3. Email or fax RFQ to approved contractors

FEDERAL SUPPLY GROUP: 899 – Environmental Services
SPECIAL ITEM NO (SINs): 899.1 Consulting Services, 899.3 Training Services
NAICS: 541620
DUNS NO: 09-3587368
CONTRACT PERIOD: 5/18/2016 – 5/17/2021

George Schlender, Director Environmental Programs
Telephone: (509)921-9415
FAX Number: (509)921-9417

Joe McGuire
Telephone: (253)931-7237