water flowing from faucet to glassCalifornians in the Central Valley still struggle with effects from the five-year drought. For some, that means dry wells and a high price tag to repair or replace them.

In Fresno County one resident’s well went dry two years ago and she’d been refilling 25 gallon jugs at a friend’s house until last year when Self-Help Enterprises helped her access a refillable water tank for household water use. The tank is provided through a state-funded program for emergency drinking water assistance.

The program began during the drought, but unless the state allocates more money in this year’s budget, it may not continue. This could impact the 300 families that still rely on water tanks during the long process of drilling new wells or connecting to community water systems.

According to The Fresno Bee, Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula, D-Fresno, recently testified before an Assembly budget subcommittee requesting $23.5 million be added to the state budget for drinking water and septic programs. Of that, $3.5 million would be for the water tank program and emergencies.

Drinking water advocates say the need for this funding is urgent, as families and children are still impacted, and changing weather patterns mean drought conditions could return.

Visit RCAC’s Take Action page to learn about the drinking water budget request.

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