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Affordable housing and economic development could lessen catastrophic events

Building more affordable housing and developing strong local economies may stave off catastrophic events, according to a new study. The report “Bounce Forward, Not Back: Leveraging Resiliency to Promote Equity,” expands on previous research demonstrating that resiliency has roots in sustainable housing and economic justice.

RCAC sub-grantee wins fair housing settlement

The Fair Housing Council of Riverside County, which partners with RCAC to provide fair and affordable housing, won a settlement last week against two apartment complexes that had unlawfully discriminated against prospective tenants.

Mobile homes could help solve affordable housing shortage

During and after World War II, mobile home parks filled a housing need for soldiers and their families and continued to do so in the years following the war. Today, there are about 40,000 such parks across the United States. But according to the preservationist and landscape architect Eduard Krakhmalnikov, the parks are disappearing

CSH Supportive Housing Summit 2018 features rural track

Join decision makers, funders, and others who are focused on supportive housing and broad scale housing initiatives as they gather in Los Angeles this June 5 – 7 for the only national conference devoted to supportive housing, and will hear from experts sharing their insights, hands-on experiences, and guidance.