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Wells can contain high levels of arsenic in water

More than 44 million Americans get their water from private domestic wells, most of which are unregulated. Of those, a new study says that about two million people could be exposed to high levels of naturally occurring arsenic in their water.

Wildfires pose threat to Napa and Sonoma drinking water

Fortunately none of the Napa and Sonoma Counties ravaged by wildfires during October are without drinking water. However, water regulators say that treating drinking water may be a challenge as they work to mitigate ash and erosion around reservoirs.

The California drought isn’t over for everyone

Gov. Jerry Brown officially declared that the drought in California has ended in all but a few San Joaquin Valley counties. But, for more than 900 families living in central California’s San Joaquin Valley the drought continues.

Relief on the way for drought-stricken Okieville

Okieville is such a small area that most folks cannot find the community on a map. Officially named Highland Acres, residents began settling in Okieville during the 1930s … Fast forward to today. Thousands of wells have been drying up throughout the San Joaquin Valley since the drought began five years ago and Okieville, located in Tulare County, is the hardest hit region.