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California’s housing shortage worsened by wildfires

Before wildfires struck earlier this year in northern California, the state already was struggling to provide housing for a growing population. Now, following the Camp Fire in Butte County, as well as four others in the past 14 months, thousands of Californians who lost their homes can find nowhere to live.

California legislators focus on housing

California’s housing crisis took center stage during the first week of the state’s new legislative session. Two Northern California Democrats believe there is a need to incentivize rural and urban planners to approve new housing projects by establishing a replacement tool for redevelopment agencies.

Lead contamination impacts water systems across U.S.

Aging infrastructure and high replacement costs are just one of the contributors to lead contamination in water systems throughout the country, according to CBS news. At the current replacement rate, it would take about 200 years and cost about $1 trillion to completely renew the system.