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Self-Help Builder March 2022

RCAC is a diverse organization in that we are a Mutual Self-Help Housing (MSH) intermediary, and we provide a myriad of other housing services and support, including homeownership counseling training and 502 direct mortgage certified loan packaging.

Self-Help Builder December 2021

It is interesting to reflect on the phrase “home for the holidays” regardless of the cultural holidays you and yours might celebrate, they are always better when celebrated at home. What does home mean to you? It can have so many meanings, depending on your perspective or the context where you insert the word “home.”

Self-Help Builder September 2021

Earlier this year, the impacts of increased building material costs became very apparent for our Mutual Self-Help (MSH) families and their sponsors on the ground. I wanted to share some of the data that Dick Kempke at RCAC, along with other MSH intermediaries, put together.

Self-Help Builder June 2021

It is a national problem, building material costs are skyrocketing. And it isn’t getting better anytime soon. The Building Contractors Association stated that in the United States the total lumber package price for the average home right now is up 208 percent. That is, if you can even get all the lumber you need.

Self-Help Builder March 2021

In honor of Women’s History Month, I want to highlight the significance of Mutual Self-Help (MSH) housing in the lives of women over the past 58 years.