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Are weather and climate events threatening your community?

Do you have leadership in place?

Do you have Elder & Youth input?

Does your community have a vision of what relocation looks like?

Does your community experience erosion?

What is an erosion? The potential for erosion exists wherever land and water connect. Erosion, as part of a natural process, does not become a problem until it starts to affect something of intrinsic or quantifiable value. In the past, communities simply moved away from erosion sites as necessary. As communities became tied to the land through infrastructure development, it became more difficult to move away from erosion sites, and residents have tried to combat erosion on their own until the problem grew so severe that external assistance was needed. – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Alaska District Study Findings and Technical Report, 2009

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Should an erosion study be conducted?

What is an erosion assessment and/or study?

Can your community be protected by a barrier?

Has your community decided what they want to do?

Information about the human health effects of climate change:

Are you interested in what climate change projects Tribes are working on?

A Pacific Northwest climate change information group:

Climate change funding:

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