Dear Sher,

I recently attended the HAC Conference and left wondering what NRSHHA and NRHC are? What do they do, what they are doing for the grantees, what do Bob Rapoza and Associates do for the grantees, etc.? We have had a lot of staff turnover, including our Executive Director, I think we just don’t have anyone anymore within our organization who knows.

What’s NRSHHA and NRHC?

Dear What’s NRSHHA and NRHC?

I reached out to both organizations and asked them all of your questions! They kindly replied and provided the following information.

The National Rural Housing Coalition (NRHC) is the single most important voice for rural housing in America. Primarily, its membership consists of well over 100 nonprofits around the country that focus on developing, purchasing, or preserving rural housing for low-income families. These include mutual self-help housing groups, affordable rental housing developers, CDFI and other rural lenders, intermediaries and technical assistance providers, and other stakeholders in the rural housing sphere. NRHC is the acknowledged leader on legislation and funding matters related to USDA Rural Development housing programs, advocating continually for annual appropriations as well as improvements in program delivery in all programs. NRHC also advocates for programs at the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, Department of Labor and others targeted for rural America. NRHC contracts with lobbying firm Rapoza & Associates for coordinating a single voice on rural housing matters before Congress and federal agencies. NRHC has annual dues for all members which vary depending on the size of the nonprofit, and Board members must be up to date on dues to continue to serve.

The National Rural Self-Help Housing Association (NRSHHA) is the only group of stakeholders of its kind working collectively to advocate for funding and improvements in the mutual self-help housing program. Both USDA Rural Development 523 grantees and Technical & Management Assistance (T&MA) contractors are members of NRSHHA, and an added benefit to membership is the ability to share best practices and issues of common concern at several meetings each year. Membership dues are based on a sliding scale related to the size of the 523 grant of the member organization. NRSHHA contracts with NRHC for lobbying services on behalf of the association. It has a leadership structure that is elected by membership, including regional representation related to established geographies of the four T&MA contractors.

Dear Sher

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