Dear Sher,

Do you know where I might be able to find what the USDA/RD maximum allowable slope would be for a driveway? One of the subdivision phases we are currently developing has some lots with a moderate incline and I just want to make sure we know what the USDA/RD regulation is for driveway slope.



Dear Sloped,

RD’s instruction on driveways and slope would be in 1924-A “Planning and Performing Construction and other Development” and/or 1924-C “Planning and Performing Site Development Work.” Both seem to basically defer to local code/the local building requirements and say “no site should be developed where external influences on the site create conditions undesirable for residential use such as…” unstable slope, steep slope, etc. and is required to be shown and approved on the plot plan.

But most of all, this won’t work!

Dear Sher


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