I used to receive the Self-Help Builder Newsletter by email and now I don’t? I can only find it by chance at the RCAC website, what happened? I want my news back!

Sincerely, Bummed about being left out

Dear Bummed,

I don’t blame you for feeling blue over this so I consulted the fine editors of the SH Builder Newsletter to find out what’s changed. It appears with all the technology changes and advances that in many cases the newsletter is going to Junk Mail and not to your Inbox. If you use Outlook you can change this by highlighting the email, right clicking, cursor over “Junk” and then choose “Never Block Sender,” which will direct it to your Inbox in the future. If you can’t find it in your “Junk Mail” you may need to check your organizations server setting or you could re-subscribe here.

News and articles worth reading are worth receiving!

Sincerely, Sher

Dear Sher is a regular Self Help Builder News feature. If you have a question you would like answered or researched by Sher, please send them to asisco@rcac.org and your question may be featured in a future publication.