water dropsIn Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Kentucky, South Carolina, and more, communities struggle with contaminated water daily. More than 30 million Americans received their water from systems that violated safety regulations, according to a recent Time article.

Issues range from uranium, arsenic, mercury and lead to the carcinogenic industrial chemical called PFAS. Improperly managed wastewater systems also impact water and public health. Drinking or showering with contaminated water can cause a range of health problems from cancer to skin rashes.

“For those without it, water amounts to an ongoing crisis. But no great urgency is felt in Washington, D.C., or in state capitals. Laws may be out of date, and existing rules ignored, but as an ‘issue,’ water seems to sprout up only when a seemingly one-off event like the Flint water crisis captures public attention.”

The American Society of Civil Engineers says the U.S. needs to invest $1 trillion in water infrastructure to make the required upgrades.

To read more go here: https://time.com/longform/clean-water-access-united-states/