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West Sacramento, Calif. — Agua4All, a program that brings safe drinking water to rural families through access to water filling stations installed at local schools and community sites, was featured on Univision’s Primer Impacto Monday night as part of its Health Week coverage.

The program, entitled Tan Claro Como El Agua, focused on unincorporated areas in Coachella Valley where arsenic contamination renders the water unsafe to drink. Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC) in partnership with the California Endowment and local organizations like Pueblo Unido CDC and Community Water Center, provides increased access to safe drinking water by installing water filling stations and water treatment where needed in schools and community places throughout the Eastern Coachella Valley and Southern Kern County.

Safe drinking water access is paramount. Long-term exposure to unsafe drinking water containing contaminants such as Arsenic can cause cancer and a host of other illnesses. It has also been associated with developmental effects, cardiovascular disease, neurotoxicity and diabetes. Increased water consumption is also very important to children’s development and overall community health.

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“We appreciate Univision’s recognition of the importance of safe drinking water for children. We are proud to be a partner with The California Endowment, Pueblo Unido and Community Water Center in the Agua4All effort to make it possible for kids to drink safe water,” said Stanley Keasling, RCAC’s Chief Executive Officer. “There is still a great need for ongoing public and private financial support to scale the program and provide safe water to the hundreds of thousands of California kids who still don’t have access to this basic human right.”

RCAC is a nonprofit organization that provides training, technical and financial resources and advocacy so rural communities can achieve their goals and visions. Headquartered in West Sacramento, California, RCAC serves rural communities in the western United States and the Pacific islands. RCAC has strong core services and expertise in housing, environmental infrastructure (water, wastewater and solid waste), leadership training, economic development and financing.

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Dawn Van Dyke
RCAC Communications Mgr.