By Stanley Keasling, advisor to the CEO

It is my pleasure to announce, in case you haven’t already heard, Suzanne Anarde has been chosen as the new CEO of Rural Community Assistance Corporation. Suzanne has been the senior vice president overseeing the Rural LISC program for the past five years. She has done a fantastic job of building that network, reaching into new states and bringing new program opportunities to network members. She is an active National Rural Housing Coalition (NRHC) board member and has been for at least the last 15 years.

I first met Suzanne when Rural LISC was forming some 25 years ago. She was the executive director of Tri-Counties Housing Development Corporation, in Fowler, Colorado, running a small self-help housing program. She is a person of the rural West, committed to safe and affordable housing, and understands rural America’s housing needs.

I know that she is really excited to meet those of you she does not already know. I am sure you will be struck by her commitment to our work and the energy she will bring to the job.

I will be around at least until the end of the year. I hope to see many of you at the NRHC annual meeting the first week in December. This will be my last note to you all as CEO, so be well. Self-help housing is a great opportunity for low-income people to realize the dream of homeownership, and you all play an important role in keeping it alive and well. Thank you for all of the good times, hard work and commitment that you bring to your work every day.