September 27, 2022 | Volume 15, Issue 4


CEO update

Aligning Values and Mission Through a Shared Vision

This quarter I am sharing insight into a significant partnership that RCAC is involved with and a recent Wells Fargo grant award obtained through that partnership. I share this insight because the WORTH (Wealth Opportunities Restored through Homeownership) grant is dedicated to increasing BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) homeownership and Mutual Self-Help Housing is a key element in rural homeownership. Read more

Are you having issues utilizing RD’s 410-4 application in eForms?
There’s a fix!

Are you having issues filling out or submitting your 410-4 Uniform Residential Loan application through eForms? Are you getting strange characters in your form, or it is not allowing you to fill in numbers? If so, you might have an issue with your default PDF viewer. Read more

Dear Sher

  • My organization is looking at new construction tracking tools to manage our self-help building jobs. What do other grantees use? Sincerely, Looking to Track That
  • I am working with an applicant for a 502 Loan who has payment shock but has also been paying more than is required for her car payment (about double). Is there something I can use to “offset” the payment shock? Sincerely, Payment Shock Conundrum

Read more

Reminder: New USDA 502 Direct Loan Application Packaging Training Website

Interested in becoming a USDA 502 Direct Loan Packager? Looking to locate and contact your local Intermediary? Searching for the next Packaging Certification training delivery? Need 502 Direct Loan Packager information and/or other resources? Look no further…the USDA 502 Direct Training website is here!

The new USDA 502 Direct Training website will provide one-stop access to all relevant information pertaining to USDA Section 502 Loan Packaging, the Certification Course and much, much more!

Be one of the first to visit the site at

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