By Nancy Jacobsen, RCAC rural development specialist

The new SHARES program is definitely more streamlined and more user friendly than its predecessor, but you may still have questions or problems with the program. RCAC offers technical assistance to help you navigate and get the most out of the program. Some of the ways in which RCAC may be of assistance include:

  • Adding new users to SHARES eAuthentication log-in and access to your SHARES account
  • Training new users on data entry and report generation
  • Assisting with technical issues
  • Providing data entry processes
  • Identifying data reporting errors and their sources
  • Direct contact with the programmers to request and/or identify program errors
  • Guidance with modifying SHARES reports

If you need SHARES assistance or have any special tips or uses for SHARES worthy to pass on to others please contact Nancy Jacobsen, (406) 579-5202 or e-mail Nancy at: for further assistance.