Where: Wellpinit, Washington

Problem: Tribe needs help to achieve and implement Sustainable Community Master Plan goals and objectives

Solution:RCAC assists the tribe to prioritize and implement the plan goals.

After receiving a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Community Challenge grant to create a Sustainable Community Master Plan, the Spokane Tribe of Indians (STOI) needed help to implement the plan.

RCAC interviewed members of STOI’s Challenge planning staff and facilitated work sessions with Tribal Business Council members and representatives from the Spokane Indian Housing Authority, the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Education, and the Planning and Economic department among others.

Based on the results of this research and information gathering, RCAC staff and STOI drew up strategic action steps that will ensure the successful implementation of the master plan’s goals and objectives. The master plan creation puts STOI on the priority list for future federal funds.

“RCAC helped us to take a strategic planning approach,” said Donnie LeBret, STOI executive director. “This tool will allow leadership to evaluate progress and measure success in meeting the needs of the community. The plan will provide the road map and navigational check points for our Leadership Team to follow, and give us a quantifiable mechanism we can look to for future growth and expansion decisions.”