Pecos River near Pecos NM



Where: East Pecos, New Mexico

Problem: Rural communities face challenges to access funding for utility improvements that ensure public health

Solution: Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC) staff is helping a small system access U.S. Department of Agriculture funding

East Pecos, New Mexico is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in San Miguel County, New Mexico. It has 757 residents (according to US census 2010). Historically, East Pecos residents utilized septic tank systems, and in some cases, above ground open cesspools for wastewater and sewage disposal.

The East Pecos Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association (Association) applied for US Department of Agriculture funding to construct a sewer collection system to convey wastewater to the Village of Pecos Wastewater Treatment Plant. At USDA RD’s request, RCAC staff is assisting the system’s board to meet Letter of Conditions (LOC) requirements to access the $4 million loan/grant combination to build the system. As part of the LOC, the Association had to draft an agreement with the Village of Pecos to receive and treat the wastewater.

RCAC staff facilitated negotiations between the Association and the Village of Pecos and helped the system complete most of the items required in the LOC, including the Emergency Response Plan and completion certification; budget and rate schedule; policies and procedure; loan and grant resolutions; and an interim financing application. RCAC staff continues to assist the system implement the project. The USDA-funded project will provide a sustainable wastewater solution to the community.