Where: Guadalupe, Maricopa County, Arizona
Problem: The Guadalupe Community Development Corporation needs immediate access to funds to purchase building lots. Although GCDC qualifies for government-sponsored funding programs such as SHOP and HOME, turnaround time is too long
Solution: RCAC provides a $120,000 loan, allowing the agency to purchase eight lots

The overall long-term goal for the Town and the GCDC is to assure every resident that they will be able to live in a safe, sanitary home. However, timely lot acquisition suitable for construction has been a challenge for GCDC. Land availability is sporadic and unpredictable, and when opportunities to purchase arise, GCDC must seize them quickly.

Once GCDC has acquired the lots, plans approved and pre-approved buyers, it anticipates building a group of eight self-help homes and returning to RCAC for unit construction funding.

“The funds made available by RCAC are key to our success in developing beautiful homes, constructed by families who are literally putting a new face on affordable housing in Guadalupe,” said Sally Gonzales, GCDC board president.

The Town of Guadalupe’s population is composed of Mexican Americans and Yaqui Indians, and is very low- and low-income, ranking fourth in Arizona for lowest incomes per family, and first in Maricopa County. GCDC was incorporated in 1992 to support community housing programs for low- and very low-income families.