Lakeside, Oregon

Lakeside water rates were not
sufficient to cover operating costs

RCAC developed a new rate structure that covers current costs and builds a reserve fund for major replacement needs

Lakeside Water District (LWD) is a small water system on the South Coast of Oregon, and like many small systems customer rates had not kept pace with operating costs. RCAC conducted a rate study that included budget, revenue and expense review, a future capital project schedule, estimated asset replacement costs, rate structure and customer water use.

RCAC worked with the LWD board on budgeting principles, water use, rates, future considerations for the system and how to finance improvements. The rate structure encourages conservation and maintains low rates for households on fixed incomes that do not use much water. The district also began collecting reserves for future system needs. The LWD board adopted RCAC’s recommendations in December 2014.

“Small water systems like ours need assistance and support to continue providing clean and safe drinking water to our community and set us on a path toward sustainability for the future,” said Tamara Estabrook, LWD office manager.

RCAC is one of six regional agencies that together, serve the entire country. These six organizations make up the Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) network.