Mora County, New Mexico
A small rural community facing numerous environmental and economic challenges needs new leadership
RCAC provides leadership development training to facilitate collaboration among community stakeholders
Like many small, low-income rural communities, the same three people in Mora seemed to do everything. However, these folks recognized the need to expand the supply of leaders and build cohesion among a new leadership group to meet current challenges and start promising new endeavors. RCAC was invited by the leaders to deliver a training program for potential leaders to help build the cohesion and collaboration needed.

Especially designed to provide leaders of volunteer efforts with new skills, RCAC’s leadership training program is based on many experience, and a growing portfolio of success in rural community development. RCAC partnered with the University of Western New Mexico to develop the program, which includes four weekend retreats during four to six months, followed by up to six months of support as the class plans and implements a community development project.

The leadership curriculum includes the building blocks for volunteer leadership in community development efforts, such as conflict transformation and building communication, and project, strategic and action planning.

With motivated new leaders, Mora expects to experience job growth and related economic development while continuing to protect its pristine environment for future generations.