Rosalia, Whitman County, Washington

Rural community needs help setting wastewater rates and sustainable solutions for its water system infrastructure

RCAC provides education on rate setting and technical assistance on water treatment and discharge options

RCAC is assisting the town of Rosalia to set appropriate wastewater rates that cover current problems, future improvements and utility sustainability.

The town recently received a loan from the Washington State Department of Ecology to make some of the necessary improvements to its wastewater treatment system. These system upgrades significantly increased operation and maintenance costs. Although, the town raised wastewater rates in January 2014, the increase only accounted for loan repayment and did not cover additional expenses.

Another rate adjustment is required to compensate for current operation and maintenance costs, which are several months in arrears, and to pay for additional improvements.

RCAC is working on-site with municipal staff to educate them on all options available for wastewater effluent treatment and discharge. Once the town chooses the best option, RCAC will assist with setting an appropriate new wastewater rate.