By Harold Branch, Rural Development Specialist

During the National Self-Help Housing Conference in July in San Antonio, more than 100 participants attended the self-help rehab session. By all accounts, the interest in self-help rehab activities remains very high. For many organizations, self-help rehab activities make good sense—whether it’s owner-occupied rehab or acquisition/repair/resale activities.

Since the conference, RCAC created two charts that outline the critical steps to consider in the design, development and implementation of the two self-help models currently in use by several self-help grantees—owner-occupied and acquisition/repair/resale. Although each individual self-help organization’s program varies, the flowcharts found in the attached links provide good visual checkpoints that are useful to create new rehab activities and tune up existing rehab efforts.

Follow the links below (one for owner-occupied, one for acquisition/rehab/resale) and feel free to let us know if they are helpful:

Owner-Occupied Self-Help Rehab Visual Showing Critical Components To Be Addressed For Program Success click here.

Self Help Acquisition Rehab Critical Components for Program Success click here.