Success Stories

Success stories are a compilation of staff written case studies, success stories, profiles and rural development news.

  • Women find opportunity, hope in self-help housing program

    Nibley, Utah – Sometime during the 10 or so months it took Veronica Cabrera to build her family home here in northern Utah, she began to feel a persistent, dull ache all over her left side. She chalked it up to perhaps sleeping poorly, or else the strenuous labor, particularly during the winter months, when she was building her self-help home.

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  • Tribe, school collaborate to provide safe water to students

    Jack Norton School, in a rural remote area of northern California, lacked reliable surface water filtration and disinfection. The Yurok Tribe, school and RCAC worked together to connect the school to the Tribe’s nearby water system.

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  • Dreams become reality in zero energy affordable homes

    In the late 1970s, Barbara Miller was a newspaper reporter writing about Missoula and Butte, Montana, and as such, she paid attention to all sorts of trends—from the local and national economy, to housing, to scientific breakthroughs. As it turned out, her reporting and stories eventually intersected when she came across some technological research that would have a significant real-world impact in Butte.

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  • Community Rebuilds continues to break the mold for self-help housing

    Moab, Utah –Emily Niehaus happily acknowledges she took a circuitous route to become a housing advocate. She tallies her master’s degree in applied sociology and following that, stints as a loan officer, bookkeeper and case worker. “But those three jobs really pointed me in the direction of affordable housing,” says the founder and director of Community Rebuilds.

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  • Regional approach to studying woody biomass reflects spirit of Mora County

    Mora County, New Mexico is known for its independence and indomitable spirit. With a history steeped in ruffians and rogues this southwestern enclave of feisty individualists has an agrarian background dating back hundreds, even thousands, of years to the conquistadores and before that, to Native Americans.

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