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CEO update

In honor of Women’s History Month, I want to highlight the significance of Mutual Self-Help (MSH) housing in the lives of women over the past 58 years.

How does a Biden/Harris Administration affect Mutual Self-Help Housing?

As volumes and volumes of emails hit my inbox with predictions of the Biden/Harris Administration impacts on everything from COVID to gender equality, I thought it would be interesting to consider what impacts might be felt across the country on the Mutual Self-Help Housing Program.

CEO update

When I think of Mutual Self-Help Housing and programmatic impact, I often pause to consider what an amazing financing vehicle the U.S. Department of Agriculture 502 direct mortgage program is for rural America. It has been a staple for mortgage financing in rural communities for more than 60 years …

A message from Suzanne Anarde, RCAC Chief Executive Officer

Mutual Self-Help Housing is my favorite housing program … from the first time I heard about it in the early 90s, it fascinated me! MSH doesn’t just build community, neighborhoods and quality, affordable homes, it also builds confidence and stability for homeowners/builders.

RCAC housing director update

The first Mutual Self-Help Housing conference in more than five years was held in Albuquerque February 4 – 6 and it was a tremendous success; with more than 400 attendees, significant participation from our USDA partners as well as tremendous guest speakers.