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California voters to decide on two multi-billion dollar water bonds

Although California has spent only $1 billion of the $7.5 billion included in the Proposition 1 water bond passed in 2014, the state’s voters this year will consider whether to allocate another $13 billion toward water conservation and usage. One of those, Proposition 68, is a $4.1 billion bond measure …

Affordable housing and economic development could lessen catastrophic events

Building more affordable housing and developing strong local economies may stave off catastrophic events, according to a new study. The report “Bounce Forward, Not Back: Leveraging Resiliency to Promote Equity,” expands on previous research demonstrating that resiliency has roots in sustainable housing and economic justice.

California Delta tunnels project moves forward with cash injection

California’s Santa Clara Valley Water District agreed this week to contribute $650 million to the state’s plan for massive tunnels that will deliver water from the north of the state to the south. The $16.7 billion California WaterFix plan has been struggling for years, with Gov. Jerry Brown moving it along in phases.

Less rain and snow threaten Colorado River

The rain and snow that typically nourish the Colorado River, which in turn serves as the most important water source for the American Southwest, have been abysmal this year, and meteorologists are warning of a permanent shift in the area’s weather patterns.

RCAC sub-grantee wins fair housing settlement

The Fair Housing Council of Riverside County, which partners with RCAC to provide fair and affordable housing, won a settlement last week against two apartment complexes that had unlawfully discriminated against prospective tenants.