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Hawaii reported just five new COVID-19 cases on April 14

A temporary citywide curfew imposed in Honolulu has been lifted. Officials anticipate it is the first of many social restrictions to be eased off in the coming weeks as new data shows Hawaii has weathered the worst of COVID-19. On Monday, April 14 there were just five new reported cases in the state, bringing the statewide totals to just 504.

Census outreach to native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander populations

The U.S. Census Bureau collaborated with a native Hawaiian-owned marketing agency based in Honolulu, to produce a music video raising awareness for the upcoming census. The video features celebrities from the native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPI) communities and encourages NHPI populations to register for the census.

Hawaii to decommission five telescopes following protests

Protests of the planned “Thirty Meter Telescope” on the Mauna Kea mountain summit gained national attention last year. Hawaiians sought to prevent the telescope’s construction because the location is on land that some native Hawaiians consider sacred.