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Based on “Rural Stories”.

Don Pfau, 2016 RCAC Yoneo Ono Outstanding Rural Volunteer Award recipient

When Don Pfau was nine years old the Ohio and Scioto rivers, which form a crescent at his hometown of Portsmouth, swelled and flooded. Water washed over six-foot high walls and mud destroyed churches and schools. Yet, his most vivid memory of the catastrophe is how everyone immediately pitched in to help reconstruct the town and rebuild lives.

Champion of Service

Teresa Bardwell, Rural Community Assistance Corporation, Rural Development Specialist, Housing Counseling, possesses a wide range of training expertise on multiple topics and platforms at state, regional and national venues.

Middletown slowly rebuilding after massive wildfire

It has been nearly a year since a massive wildfire burned through Middletown in Lake County, California, enough time it would seem for some rebuilding and renewal. But the breadth of the devastation in this rugged area, says John Hamner, Callayomi County Water District (CCWD) general manager, has left seemingly irreversible scars.