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Based on “Water Supply and Drought”.

Mobile home parks, once derided, now attracting would-be buyers

With affordable housing increasingly out of reach for many Americans, trailer parks are attracting more would-be buyers, in part because of more amenities. Trailer park designers are gradually designing modern “mobile home communities” that are energy-efficient, and may have playgrounds and swimming pools.

Colorado utilities concerned state’s snowpack lowest in three decades

Even if more snow falls in Colorado later this winter, it might not make up for a record low in precipitation across the state, say meteorologists. In response to this bad news, utilities have stepped up monitoring of reserves to determine how much water they can leave in reservoirs that will not threaten dam capacity if more snow and rain eventually fall.

RCAC helps homeowners replace dry wells

California’s severe drought continues with no end in sight and families across the state face life without water—something most of us can only imagine—as wells run dry. Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC) has been helping homeowners through the California household/small water system drought assistance (HSWSDA) loan/grant program.