Building Indigenous communities' capacity

Indigenous communities

All RCAC services are available to and have a priority to work with Tribes and Indigenous communities. RCAC also has programs and funding designed specifically for Tribes.

RCAC’s Tribal Circuit Riders provide the training and the hands-on practical experience to develop sustainable operations. Our staff works directly with Tribal staff and managers on the full spectrum of financial, managerial, and technical (TMF) skills needed to sustain operations effectively while achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance. Tribal communities receive routine, in-depth, recurring training visits, and response to calls for assistance when problems arise.

The Native American Water Master’s Association brings utility staff from multiple Tribes together for training opportunities and to build a professional network.

THE Academy is an intensive housing training program for organizations working in Native communities to improve and expand the housing supply and the skills of Native housing professionals.

Community development loans

In addition to our array of loan products, we have community development low interest, long- and short-term loans available for Tribes, Tribal communities and individual Native Americans in Arizona and New Mexico for small business, housing and community facility projects.

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