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  • PN 532: Instruction 1944-I updates and changes to chapters 3 and 4

    Long awaited changes to 1944-I were published on Dec. 12, 2019! USDA RD has made some significant updates and changes to 1944-I, Section 523 Self-Help Technical Assistance Grants and Handbook 1-3550 Chapters 3 and 4 through PN 532.

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  • Posted in: Self-Help Housing

    Planning for homeownership month

    June is Homeownership Month and now is the time to start planning for success! Every year we search for interesting ways to celebrate, garner exposure for our programs and get community members, media and state representatives to attend. Here are some ideas for your celebration that grantees have had success with, in the past:

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  • Posted in: Dear Sher

    Dear Sher

    I’m working on an application and with all of the changes lately, I’m not sure if I need a landlord verification? If an applicant has a reliable score over 640, does the rent need to be verified at all?

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