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Housing counseling training

RCAC became a national HUD-approved housing counseling intermediary in 2005. Our housing counseling training staff has trained thousands of housing counselors and/or program managers since 2006. In 2016, RCAC became a HUD training partner. Classes began in October and are available to those employed by a HUD-approved counseling agency.

To see what trainings are being offered at this time and to register online, go to our housing counseling training list here.

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Housing Counseling 2017 Trainings – Schedule At-A-Glance


RCAC will host the following seven housing counseling training courses:

  1. Developing Core Competency for HUD Certification: This class will cover the following:

Homeownership: Participants will understand the required pre-purchase and post-purchase education to provide effective homeownership counseling.

Rental Housing: By the end of the session, participants will be able to identify the steps in rental counseling and how to assist clients in identifying needs versus wants.

Fair Housing: Upon completion of the course, participants will demonstrate understanding of the history and laws of Fair Housing and be able to use the key provisions and identify the impacts on their clients.

Financial Management: Upon completion of the course participants will understand money management including the importance of a realistic budget.

Affordability: By the end of the course, participants will understand the mortgage application process, including the types of lenders and loans. They will know how to determine affordability and be able to accurately calculate income.

Foreclosure and Eviction: Using the knowledge from the course, participants will be able to identify warning signs and prevention methods for foreclosure and eviction.

  1. Effective Housing Counseling Program Management Skills: This class covers key areas of housing counseling program management.
  2. HUD Compliance for Housing Counselors: The course is designed to provide a base knowledge of the CRF24 Part 214 and the 7610.1 Rev. 5 Handbook requirements for housing counselors.
  3. Fair Lending Loan Document Review and FHA/Community Lending Product Review:  Participants will understand the new federally mandated TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) documents, including fair lending protections for consumers and triggers for mandatory housing counseling.
  4. Building Cultural Bridges to Housing Counseling:   This course will examine the ingredients necessary to build cultural bridges to reach diverse families and communities for the purpose of offering culturally compatible housing counseling services.
  5. Expanding Services to Rural and Underserved Communities: This session will provide the tools necessary to expand counseling agency’s program offerings to under-served and/or rural communities.
  6. Student Loan Debt Counseling: The student loan counseling course contains two sections that include the pre loan and post loan counseling process.  The pre loan portion focuses on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The post loan portion focuses on the different programs and repayment plans available, as well as loan scams.